Here is the latest info for the upcoming date of Diamond Hunt 3

First of all, the official release date is set for June 15, 2020. The fundamental code works, the game is playable however there is still a ton of content to add. On top of this, I want to spend a full week balancing everything in the game. Previously, I simply dished out content left and right which often required major nerfs/buffs all around. Obviously both DH2/DHM have balancing issues and the main goal for DH3 is to tackle these issues correctly, the first time. Content updates might take more time to implement in DH3, but it will be much more balanced. I currently have systems that track all items coming into the game, and out. These tools will make the market/economy much healthier in DH3.

Continue reading for notable changes in DH3 in comparison of DH2/DHM + Pictures of in-game content.

    General information:

  • Account login information will transfer from DH2 and DHM to DH3, conserving your username. Those who don't have a DH3 account will be able to create one.
  • All players who played prior to June 15th for testing purposes will have their accounts reset.
  • All moderators in DH2 will indeed still be a mod in DH3 - and we will be looking for more after the game is released.
  • There will be a chat like DH2 - Only Holiday sigils will transfer.
  • Guest accounts will not be able to chat. Accounts under level 100 global level will only be able to chat every 5 seconds.
  • ALT Trading will be against the rules.
  • Botting will also be against the rule.
  • Droprates/RNG values will be shared to everyone.
  • There will be a market API to fetch the history of market transactions using REST (For the dev's out there who want to build something)
  • Multiple servers

  • Very slow paced game.
  • You must now assign miners/machinery to the desired ore you wish to obtain.
  • Same skills as DH2 + an extra elite skill for maxed accounts.
  • Researcher from DHM will be in DH3.
  • Stardust is back.
  • Quest and achievements will be a thing.
  • Hardcore accounts will be available - teams will have to wait.
  • More animations in combat and in general.
  • Faradox story line expanded greatly.
  • Every monster drops a sigil of themself: 1/10,000
  • Much much more - see the media below.
    Donor coins/P2W info:

  • Same system as DH2.
  • A maximum of 15$/month for maximum benefits.
  • Similar perks as DH2 - that is unlocking 2 extra woodcut/farm patches, 10% XP boost, potion stacker etc - nothing too overpowered but still useful
  • No time machine.
  • No buying items directly or ticks.